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Custom Dress Design


Step 1: Make Deposit with Doire Dress Designs

A deposit must be made with Doire Dress Designs prior to requesting a custom design from Megan Baffa. Make a note that Megan Baffa will send the design for your order. 

Step 2: Place order with Megan Baffa

In order to confirm your spot with Megan Baffa, please make full custom design payment of $100 dollars via paypal. 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Step 3: Design preference and delivery

Once you have sent your payment, fill out the form below that will be sent directly to the designer. You will recieve an email once the design is complete and has been sent to Doire. Dancer preferences including color/style will be taken into consideration but final decisions will be made by teachers/designer.

Success! Message received.

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