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Class Rules

Baffa Academy Uniforms 


Class uniforms must be worn during every lesson. This includes: 


  • Class Polo and/or an all black, loose fit polo. 

  • All black shorts, short in length (girls). This includes no white detail or accents. 

  • White poodle socks, no glitter- length is under calf (do not fold down).

  • Boys, black ankle socks.

  • SPECIFIC buckles for novice and up- please ask instructor for details.

  • If white tape is worn, it must only be used on the strap.

  • Hair must be pulled back and off the face.

  • Fays Hardshoes

  • NO GUM.

Studio Etiquette


Parents, please do not enter the studio unless invited. This can be a distraction for both the students and instructors, and can delay class instruction time. Students, please do not enter the studio until your class time begins.


Students should bring a water bottle and stay hydrated. No food or other drinks are allowed inside the studio. Water bottles must be brought into the studio at the beginning of class and leaving class to get water is not acceptable. Please leave all dance bags and other belongings outside of the the studio. Cell phones must be turned on silent and are not permitted in class.


Most importantly, studnets must be respectful of the instructor and their classmates or they will be asked to leave. This includes talking to other classmates, especially when the instructors are speaking. Do not reply to the instructor when given a correction. 




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